Milk Country

Best Digital / Interactive Map, CaGIS 2020

Honorable Mention, The Pudding Cup 2020

A cartographic essay exploring the history and myths of Vermont's landscape. [D3.js, R, Javascript, Procreate]

Organic Dairyland

Senior Fellowship, Dartmouth College

Literary journalism & cartography piece on organic dairy in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. [D3.js, R, QGIS]

Extraordinary 2021 wildfire season scorches Oregon

Daily Emerald

Mapping wildfire impact in Oregon. [QGIS, Illustrator]

Water Program Adoption

Visualizing water program adoption in San Bernadino County, CA.[D3.js, R]

B.C.'s Salmon Trade

Using salmon trade data to learn about zooming and panning an orthographic projection. [D3.js, R, Procreate]

Where does our milk come from?

Mapping milk sourcing in the Upper Valley. [R]

Dairy in the Upper Valley

'82 Community Impact Fellowship, Dartmouth College

A report prepared for the Upper Valley Land Trust. [R]

Dairy Herd Size 2012–2017

Exploring the geographic differences of industry consolidation in the United States. [R]

Horseshoe Bend Topo

A study in topography, part I. [ArcGIS]

Horseshoe Bend 3D

A study in topography, part II. [ArcGIS]